Friday 5/6/11

Test 4:

Deadlift 1 RM
followed by a max set of
Handstand Push-ups (Hands on raised surface*)

*Today - men 45's+10's - Women 10's


Repeat 4 more times

(I recommend reducing the Deadlift Load slightly in each of the latter attempts)

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2011 Games Competitor


Mandi said...

Teresa 235x10=2350
Brian 335x5=1675

Steve H said...

Mandi 200x7=1400 (kipping)

Keith 385x13=5005 (abmat)PR(2.5xBW!!!)
Mike G 320x14=4480 (sumoDL & kipping)
Steve H 350x10=3500 PR
Kassim 425x8=3400 (no plates)PR
Jason H 225x8=1800 (3xabmat)
Dan H 350x5=1750 (no plates)PR
Donte 415x4=1660
Whitney 185x8=1480 (1xabmat)1x225PR
Ken 295x3=885

Mandi said...

Deadlift order

T 385x12=4620
Mark G 335x7(2abmats,4x1abmat)=2345
Susan 280x9=2520
Hoi Yee 225x14(1abmat)=3150
Jay 215x10 (dumbell press #25)=2150
Shannon 195x12(dumbell press)=2340

Teresa said...

CONGRATULATIONS Susan! First muscle-up tonight at open gym! So excited for you.

T said...

Keith that was a sick number you put up!!

RachelRose said...

Go Susan! I knew that muscle up was not very far away!!! You ROCK!