Friday 5/20/11


For Time:

800 Meter Run

3 Rounds of -
10 Hanging Squat Clean (155/ 100#)
1 Rope Climb (20' ascent)
30 Box Jump (24/ 20")

800 Meter Run

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Compare to 4/20/10

NOTE: This Saturday's Rookie Class will be held at 9:00 am
(Congruent with the regularly scheduled CrossFit Class)


Mandi said...

Brian 17:42
Donte 26:05 (#95,rope scale)PR
Gene 29:51 (#95power,20"step,rope scale)

Jason said...

That SUCKED! Doesn't help that I have missed a ton of workouts but that SUCKED!
Sub'd 7 k2e for rope climb.

Donte London said...

Jason, that workout is damn tuff. At one point I thought I was going to pass out! My back was so tight on the last 800m I had to walk the first 10 yards, anyhow I finished, but not without mucho of pain!

Jason said...

Yeah. I just kept thinking, this must programming for the elite. I was actually happy to run at the end bc the middle sucked so bad.

Evan said...


Dan H 19:30 PR!
Whitney 21:28 (85#, miss count)
Sujata 22:23 (60#, P.Clean, J.R.K2E)
Jason H 23:57 (115-95# Climb-Scl, 800/400m)


Susan 20:30 (33#)
Tyler 21:14
Shannon 22:53 (60#, JR-K2E, step)
Jesse S 23:25 (95#)
Jay 24:41 (400m, 65-55# PC, JR-K2C)
Irene 25:07 (35#, 30 sit-ups)
Keith 25:42 (105#)
Vinu 27:40 27:40 (95#)
Vinu-1st rope climb in a WOD!!

NWC - Open
Teresa 17:59 (24" box)

Dan Hook said...

115# for me

Teresa said...

Congrats on tackling the rope climb in a WOD, and not an easy one at all. Great job!