Thursday 5/19/11




5 Jerk (185/105)
50 Double Unders

Compare to 10/26/10

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T said...

Gates of Hotel: 13:45 @25lbs

For those of you who travel and hate looking at your watch (or don't wear one) while you're working out but are doing interval type WOD's, I just found a sweet app for android,

Workout Timer by, lets me setup different timer profiles for any type of time interval you could think of along with setting up the round warning at whatever time you want, (i.e. roundTime=1min, warningTime=10s, restTime=0s, rounds=20; roundTime=20s, warningTime=5s, restTime=10s, rounds=8; etc)

Good stuff for helping you stay honest during those interval workouts!

Kassim said...

Sounds handy T, definitely to be checked out. Speaking of android apps, Xercise by strike-labs is also fairly handy. Best features for me are 1)being able to download the WODS directly onto the phone from the web (Diesel, mainsite) and 2) keeping track of workouts with room for notes, recording PR, and preloaded named WODS.

Evan said...

7:00 am

Vinu 3+37 (115#)
Dan 2+44 (125#) PR
Whitney 2+47 (85#, miss count)

Mike said...

Nice finds T and Kassim. I will defiantly add them to my list of apps for my new phone.

If any of you know of someone or are looking for roommate in the Columbia or Laurel are let me know. I am still looking for a place.

I will be joining Bobby at the Mobility Course Sunday, August 14 in Alexandria. I would say if you are interested you should registrar soon because this course will fill up fast.

Jamison Peter Hibbard said...

Who is doing the warrior dash this saturday?

RachelRose said...

I am signed up for the Warrior Dash this saturday but I have to go to a wedding :( sad that i'll miss the dash but happy to go to a wedding :) ANYONE WANT MY TICKET/SPACE IN THE WARRIOR DASH? (free)

T said...

I'm def interested in the mob course, but am travelling and don't have access to my work calendar, if I'm around, and there are still spots open, I'll probably go.

whitney said...

Deb - are you still Selling your vibrams? If so I'm interested. If you want to email or call me ..
248 860 7012

Evan said...


Teresa 6+40
Ian 5
Keith 2+50 (105)
Steve 2+13
Matt 2+29 (30 rep DU)


Mandi 5+1 (80#)
Shannon 4+23 (75#)
Jamison 4
Kassim 3+24
Hoi Yee 5+6 (75#/ 30 rep DU)
Jesse S 3+6 (120#)
Luke 2+14 (135#)

When calculating ranking for 30 reps DU per round, the following equation was used:

(Round * 35+partial round)/55= ranking
The remaining decimal was then multiplied by 55 to get a + partial round score.

Evan said...

Mike T 5+40 (#105)PR
Rachel 4+36 (#65)
Kim 4+20 (#65)
Sarah 2+20 (#95)
Cain 2 (#135)

T said...

Holy complicated scoring batman!