Thursday 4/28/11


Team WOD

For time: Complete the following in teams of 3 or 4*

AMRAN - 200 m Farmers Carry (53/ 35# KB's)
100 Stone Lifts (90/ 50#)
200 Strict Decline Log Push-Ups (24# box)

(AMRAN - As Many Rounds as Necessary)
1. Athletes complete as many reps as possible at each station & Rotate as soon as their teammate returns from the Farmers Carry.
2. For teams of 3 - Omit Rest Station

*Drop in for a burger, a beer and Box Painting this Sunday from 12pm-3pm!

Kassim inverted.


Sujata said...

I have no idea what 1/2 this stuff involves but it sure sounds like painful fun! Can't wait!

Evan said...

7:00 am


Ken 18:56 (200m/33/70)

Jason said...

Funny Charles Barkley video on main site.

Evan said...


Teresa/ Rachel /Andriana 26:10
Rx'd & 1/2 Knee PU

Keith/ Ben/ Luke 2x:xx

Evan said...


Jamie/ Phil 28:27
Rx'd (67/133)

Tyler/ Kassim/ Jesse S. 29:21
Rx'd - Stnd. Inc. PU

T said...

Andy/Sarah/Katherine 26:40

K said...

22:40, I believe.