Friday 4/15/11

"Lynne or Lynnette"

Five rounds for max reps of:

Body weight Bench Press*

*BW-10, 20, or 30# for "Lynnette"

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Compare to 1/14/11

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Cain said...

Yesterday was the worst work out ever. It wasn't the tightness in the quads yesterday so much as it is the tightness in the hamstrings and glutes NOW. Maybe I'll go run it out on some stairs.

Jason said...

Somebody help me. I fell down the stairs this morning and I can't get up.

Matt said...

I don't feel anything yet. Based on previous workouts that means something very painful will happen tomorrow morning.

I'm scared.

Matt said...

In general has anyone else noticed the longer you do crossfit the farther out the worst pain shows up?

The first few months of crossfit if I sat down to watch TV for half an hour after a WOD I could get out of the chair, and I slept like a log 8-9 hours. After 4 mos. the pain stayed away until morning after the WOD and my sleep went back to normal. After a year the morning of the second day was the worst, and its stayed about that way.

RachelRose said...

Well I am basically stumped. My leg muscles are definitely sore, which I was expecting a little bit of based on the sheer number of fully real lunges last night. But will they get more sore or less sore? And do I dare do another 400m of walking lunges at open gym tonight?...

Brian Cohee said...

Dr wiki discussion on delayed onset muscle soreness:

RachelRose said...

The question is interesting, "is it worth it?" Is what worth what? About as loaded a question as they come.

Matt said...

Thx for the link.

"Counterintuitively, continued exercise may temporarily suppress the soreness."

Which is what I've definately have found. You would think doing a WOD sore would hurt tons. But that doesn't seem to be the case for me.

Jason said...

Special K bad. Blueberry pancakes good. Definitely worth it.

Mandi said...

Donte #225 25/68
Vinu #165 (95%) 17/42

Mandi said...


Dan #135 (bw-30) 37/90
Mike T #170 (bw-13,red) 29/75
Jason H #135 (bw-55,blue) 38/67

Mandi #80 (bw-25) 19/56

Mandi said...

Kassim 185 (bw)62/50 strict
Teresa #115 (bw-10) 30/83
Kim #70 (bw-47) 30/24
Sarah 95-65# (bw-40/70) 18/90
Jesse S #150 (bw-50) 31/61
Mark G #150 (bw-50) 21/53
Bobby #155 (bw-?) 43/87
Jamison #155 (bw-?) 39/75
Shannon #75 (bw-?,blue) 35/59

Dan Hook said...

28 consecutive pull ups pr on round 1.

Mike said...

I think I got 59 PU not 75 I must have not added that corrected

Bobby said...


Anonymous said...

1st the pain started in the Quads on Thursday, then late Friday I could feel the pain transferring to my Glutes. This is a very painful recovery period! BUT I knocked 7min off my previous time, so I'll take the pain.

Jamison Peter Hibbard said...


Sujata said...

Matt, I'm finding exactly the same thing as you when it comes to muscle soreness after any memorable WOD....and yes, it's worth it!