Saturday 4/16/11


4 rounds for time:

25 Box Jump
25 Sit-Up
25 Double-Under
25 Kettlebell Swing (53/35)

Post time to comments

Cain preparing to Snatch


Cain said...

Too much turnover on the hands, need to push knees out more, need more shoulder retraction.

Cain said...

Good depth, overhead lockout, and torso is near vertical.

Mandi said...

Rachel 14:59
Whitney 16:36
Mark G 17:33 (SU, #35)
Shannon 19:48 (Step-U)
Mike T 20:01 (20"/SU/#34)
Joe 20:26 (SU)
Dan 21:59
Cain 22:51

Cain said...

Today was excellent rehab for 400m of lunges!

Also in the news...

Blue Ridge Open (Olympic lifting)
Funkhouser Center, Bridgewater College, Bridgewater, VA

RachelRose said...

But Cain can't do that Blue Ridge meet. We have a wedding to go to that day (yay weddings!)

Dan Hook said...

Lynne has definitely hit my traps this afternoon. It's interesting how 90 pullups in max rep sets causes much more soreness than 90 pullups for time (which, for me, rather quickly becomes 3 rep sets). On the plus side, the max rep sets are much easier on the calluses.

Brian Cohee said...

Brian. 14:26
Lauren. 17:03, 25#, 50 singles

Teresa said...

12:22 (on Sunday 4/17)

RachelRose said...

Teresa what a sweet time!!!

Teresa said...

Thanks Rachel!
I was racing against my husband and I was not about to let him beat me! Lol. Although I also had the upper hand knowing the times put up on Saturday. :)