Friday 4/1/11



30 Muscle-ups for time

(Post time to comments).

If you cannot do the muscle-ups do 120 pull-ups and 120 dips.

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Sujata said...

Can we mix up the pull ups and dips or do we have to complete all 120 pull ups before moving onto the dips?

Evan said...

Partition them as you see fit

K said...

what are the prescribed weights?

Evan said...

Just bodyweight gymnastics move(s) for today's WOD.

K said...

got it, I'd confused the muscle up for another exercise. And these are strict pull-ups and ring dips?

skeeler said...


Kipping will be fine.

I wish I could make this one, but I'll be out of town by tomorrow night.

skeeler said...

Can we do this one again soon? I've never done it at CFD.

Jamison Peter Hibbard said...

So, no scaling the MUs whatsoever?

Jason said...

Evan, I have a friend who is searching for a tire to add to his garage gym. Where did you find your tires?

Mandi said...

Teresa 20:00 (16RX+4redband)
Vinu 18:34 (blue)
Chris 12:55 (

Mandi said...

We got the tires at Emanuel's in Baltimore.

Evan said...

Does he want one of our tires? I'll have to double-check with Mandi, but that could be a possibility.

Jason said...

If it's a possibility I'll see if he will do it. Thanks for the offer.

Steve H said...

Steve CFG WOD 11.1 Make up
3 RDs + 6 DU's = (45*3)+6 = 141

Jason said...

Painful blister burns on the wrists!

Evan said...


Whitney 8:48 (red)
Steve H 8:58 (red)
Deb 15:50 20 (4 rounds 15/15 Green/ Blue)
Shannon 18:55 (Green/Blue)
Ken 19:25 (95/95)


Keith 7:19 (red)
Jason G 16:29
Jamison 20:55 (10-20 Rxd-Blue)
Donte 19:35 (20/120 Blue/ PU-Blue)
Jesse S 23:00 (Blue MU - R.Dip, pu-red)
Mark G 27:27 (Red, Lt Green-rRed)
Jason H 28:13 (Blue/ Lt. Green)
Rachel 28:18 (Red, Red)
Jay 20:00 (100/100 B.Row, Elev. PU)

Open Gym
Ray 18:08 (20 reps)
Sujata 2046 (blue/ blue)
Amy 22:40 (red/red)

CFG Open WOD 2
Keith 259
Gino 170
Rachel 189

M said...

What's rRed?

K said...

completed Saturday: pullups, dips as prescribed- 31:30...why don't all gyms carry colored bands? loved this workout.

Brian Cohee said...

Completed Saturday as well, pullups and dips, with 70 of the pullups strict. Didn't time the wod, but let's just say that it took a while... I'm leaving for vacation to a place that appears to not have an affiliate within hours. Hopefully the wod will not require much equipment...

Evan said...


What is your travel schedule like? Shoot me an email if you need a place to score the WOD.