Wednesday 2/23/11


AKA "Crossfit will Wreck You"

3 Rounds for Time:

30 Burpees (yay burpees!)
30 Toes to Bar
100' OH Walking Lunges (45/ 25# bumper plate)

Compare to 8/6/10

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5pm - Whitney
6pm - Whitney
7pm - Whitney


skeeler said...

I'd like to be there for this one, but I don't think I can make it.

Jen said...

Don't think I didn't see your Randy time, Jesse W.

Jason said...

Dang it, I hate that it stays signed in and I don't get a chance to change it before I submit! That last comment is Jason.

Sujata said...

Hey Kim, are you coming to the 7pm class? I can bring you the list of bodyweight workouts.

RachelRose said...

I wish I got to come tonight. Still stuck at work. Sujata I'm interested in your list.

whitney said...

Mike S. 19:37
Ray 23:41
Jamison 25:00
Kristian 25:38
Chris T. 25:40 (High Knee)
Jesse S. 27:23 (K2E)
Jesse W. 27:58
Mark G. 28:09 (High Knees, 25#)
Jose 29:40
(High Knees,45#/25# last round)
Steve 2?:??
(15 Burpees,15 High Knees,10#)

Whitney 18:53
Jay 19:41
(Round 1: 15 BURPEES!,15 situps ROM,60' lunges @10#
Round 2&3: pushups/Jump)
Sujata 23:12 (High Knees,10#)
Lisa 26:11 (High Knees,10#)
Irene 26:38
(25 Burpees,high knees, 10#)

whitney said...

JAY!!!! were SOOO proud of you, thank you for trying your burpees!!! Don't worry I WILL send Mandi and Evan the pictures I took! GREAT JOB!!

Kim said...

Sorry I missed you. I'm coming tomorrow...6 or 7? Are you?


Sujata said...

Evan got me on the bodyweight WODs by Eva T. I just found it online and it has some "fun" stuff like:5 squats, 5 push-ups, 5 sit ups – 20 rounds for time! I haven't decided about the 6pm or 7pm class but I will bring one hard copy. Kim/Rachel, leave me your emails on a post-it if I don't see you and I can also send them to you directly.

RachelRose said...

Okay Sujata and Kim, I highly doubt this chick is any competition to crossfit, but if you want bodyweight workouts with a bit of a different flavor just for variety and convenience (CrossFit is seriously #1 but this website is a fun little tool to keep in your back-pocket) check out No .com. Just Or Tell me what you think. My email is

Sujata said...

Hey Rachel - interesting site. Definetly does not compare with CF although you got to give it up for someone who loves burpees! While the workouts are OK, it seemed a little too "posey" - people were asking things like "where does she buy her bras?!" I'm going to check it out in more detail.

Ray said...

This was an emotional experience.

RachelRose said...

Sujata, so she apparently used to do modeling so yeah, she uses that body part for attention I suppose. However, I think almost all of the work-outs are very challenging if you do them prescribed and try to do as many reps as she does (i can barely do either often, and have only done like 5 of the workouts so far but if I have 20 minutes tops in the morning to workout it takes 1 minute to turn on the computer and I'm moving so that's the point for me with this site). But that's just me. Be objective. Be-e objective! (and aggressive :) )