Monday 2/28/11




Thrusters (95/ 65#)
Toes to Bar
Walking Lunges

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*No 10AM Class today.
5PM - Tyler
6PM - Tyler
7PM - Tyler


M said...

For anyone who was interested, I play intramural touch rugby (not an oxymoron) 10 am Saturdays.  It's casual, free, safe and right around the corner from Diesel at the Cradlerock Elementary fields.  It usually starts 10-15 minutes late (enough time to wander over after the 9 am WOD ;) Check out the website ( for rules and blah blah blah.  We keep a google group ( in case of cancelation -- bad weather or we're short on players (mostly in these colder months);  Otherwise there's a practice every week.  We usually don't keep score and players swap in and out and sides.  Drop by for a weekend or two to try it out.  We'll teach you the rules and get you on the field first thing.


Cain said...

I just saw a kitten kill a fly with a muscle up.

Anonymous said...

Cain, I told you that you either have to quit taking those drugs or at least, share!

Cain said...

I'll have to ask the cat, but I think he's all out...

T said...

Hey guys great job tonight, no deaths!

Also it was great to meet some of the new faces and see an old one come back!

That being said, tonight times...
In no particular order...

Mike S. 12:38 RX
Mike G. 13:39 RX
Maggie 14:42 RX (Welcome back!)
Sheila 15:43 (35#, HkR)
Steve H 14:14 RX
Kristian 19:03 RX
Deb 19:13 (35#, HkR)
John M 19:36 (21-15-9, 155# muscle clean, 90# lunge)
Donte 17:09 (85#, lunge ROM)

Jay 16:51 (25# squat-to-bench, situps, lunge ROM)
Jamison 16:38 (85#)
Jesse S 18:20 (75# K2E)

Rachel 13:54 (HkR)
Sarah 14:50 (35#)
Chris T. 15:57 (75#, K2E)
Kim 17:09 (40#, T2 standard T2B)
Vinu 17:38 (75#)
Jesse W 17:32 RX
Phil 18:05 RX

Whitney 12:45 RX
T 13:27 RX

RachelRose said...

Tyler, thanks for the coaching! And Whitney, that a girl!!!

deb said...

Thanks for the snatch progression workout, T! That was the first time in a long time my foot *wasn't* screaming at me hours after attempting a lift like that ;)

Dan Hook said...

15:39 (I think) 75 #

T said...

Sorry dan! My bad for forgetting your time from last night... you are correct, 15:39 RX'd nice job!