Friday 2/25/11



3 rounds for time:
30 Sit-ups
20 Kettlebell Swings
10 Pull-ups

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*No 10am Class Today.
5pm - Whitney
6pm - Whitney
7pm (Open Gym) - Whitney


Sujata said...

Hey Rachel, I take back everything I said about Zuzana at yes, so it's a little poseur-like but the stuff is good and tough. I'm particularly intrigued by the "Ninja Jump & Sandbag pick-up". Let's try it some time!

RachelRose said...

Dude I cannot even do a ninja jump. Is something wrong with me? I thought I was a CrossFitter! Cain says he can do one (says he and John do them with barbells...) but I have yet to see it. Yes, lets try it some time!!!

RachelRose said...

Oh, and she NEVER used to have pop music videos on there, that only started a few days ago... I think her followers like it, at least probably the ladies.

JM said...

Since I am a ninja, technically any jump I do is a ninja jump. And because Cain and I get so much vert on our lifts, they are ninja jumps WITH barbells. Heavy ones. Like Chuck Norris heavy. Or Cheeburger Cheeburger heavy.

Anybody up for a strongman WOD today?

Sujata said...

Rachel, I totally feel you about the ninja jump....I can't do one but I feel that as an aspiring/practicing crossFitter, we should be able to do it, damn it! We need to work on this move!!

RachelRose said...

LOL! She makes it look so easy...

Anonymous said...

I was disappointed that there wasn't a 10 a.m. class today, but I understand. Wish I could be there tonight - I might have actually learned (and seen) what a "Strongman WOD" is that JM was proposing to do. But it's my sister's b-day so I had better go and spend some time with her. See you Monday evening!

whitney said...

Mike S. 5:16
Ray 5:43
Chris T. 6:21
Dan 7:14
Donte 7:21
Steve 8:02 (15-10-5, green band)
Phil 8:04 (35#, Green Band)
Mark G. 8:27(last round jumping PU)
Ken 8:40
Todd 9:21 (35# KB)
Vinu 10:03

Susan 5:50
Whitney 6:20
Sujata 7:33 (26.5# Russian,Blue)
Amy 8:25 (26.5#,Green Band)
Meghan 8:58 (Red Band)
CDE 9:33(Green Band,Jumping Pullup)
Jay 10:26
(Round 1: 30 sit ups, 18#KB, Body Row, Round 2&3 20 situp,KB,Body row)

30/20/10 +25 vest & 70 KB
Steve H. 6:26
John M. 6:42
Cain 8:43