Wednesday 9/5/12


3 Rounds for time

400m Run
50 Sit-Ups
50 Bent Over Row (45/ 25# plate)

Post time to comments


Yvette said...

Fellow Tough Mudderers :)
As u know by now our start time has been pushed back to 12. We should try to be there to packet pick up and warm up by 10. For those who r interested in carpooling, I know I am, meet at the Diesel parking lot at 9am that morning and we can carpool to Steve's in laws place. The Steve shuttle will then take us to the race and pick us up from the race so we hopefully avoid annoying parking traffic and of coarse the parking fee. Steve has also invited us the hose off and hang out for a bit afterwards which sounds nice to me :)

If you r carpooling let me know. If not also let me know so I get your number and we figure out a place/ time to meet up at the race before start time.

I don't about u guys but I'm Excited!!!... I just hope I'm ready.

Mandi said...


W Bigelow 12:17
B Bush 12:42
T Henry 14:50
B Lessler 19:04
S Bateson 19:19
K Kuadey 16:44 (mod)

Mandi said...

The Diesel Tough Mudder crew is gonna do GREAT!

Neale said...

12:00pm @ Work

N. Salvador 11:04 Rx'd

Josh said...

Yvette, count me in for the carpool. I'll meet you guys at 9.

Michael Gross said...

A.Shishineh 11:49
A.Fountain 14:45
M Houk 13:38 (15 lb)
J Thrift 17:04
K Elliot 16:44 (35 lb)
T Braglio 18:04
K Faro 17:20
K Palmisano 17:48
C Kingwood 19:44
A Wing 18:20



T Luz 11:25
M Gross 12:30
S Fountain 12:57
T Tom 13:21
H Y Tom 12:23
K Berndt 13:37 (mod)
Y Schreiber 14:12
I Gill 17:07 (10 lb)
R Foutz 16:00
V Kurian 18:59
L Sanciangco 18:43
R Morana 17:19 (mod)
M Treas 19:35
S Anderson 14:53
J Southworth 16:18
G Cronkite 15:09
A Ne 20:05
M Ruiz 16:50

T said...

I. constandoglo 4+11
A. Krueger 5+9
E. Doll 6
M. Gardiner 5+1
H. Vahovich 5+7
N. Phan 4+11
R. Olade 4+1
A. Soloman 4+110
A. Chen 6+2
L. Elder 4+11
S. Sokol 3+115
Warfield 5+112
M. Tsai 4+108

jacksbadassgoat said...

12:16, cubital fossa spontaneously combusted.