Wednesday 8/22/12



Double Unders

Compare to: 5/4/12

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Hilary said...

Thanks to all who stayed for mobility class Tuesday night! I hope you enjoyed it... I'd love to get your feedback so I can keep bringing you better and better classes. If you have any thoughts, please e-mail me or just pull me aside sometime after a WOD.
If you're bashful, feel free to give your feedback to Mandi or Evan, they'll pass it along...
Thanks again!
Hilary :)

Kim said...

Hilary, you did an awesome job tonight. Well done! Much needed after the stress of two days back at work. No comment, anyone/T. :)

Cahba said...

Hillary, this was my first mobility class at Crossfit Diesel and I thought it was very good. I've taken Yoga classes in the past, and you did as good or better than many of the Yoga classes I've taken. A couple of times when you were giving instructions your head was turned away from the class it was a little hard to hear you (you were in a pose with your head turned away) . Aside from that minor element of feedback, I enjoyed the class and would take it again with you teaching. Nice work!

Mandi said...


W Bigelow 6:16
S Matthews 7:00
G Yakaitis 10:19 (mod)
B Lessler 10:56 (mod)
D London 12:13 (mod)
R Morano 14:40 (mod)
A Undieh 9+20 (rookies)
S Bateson 9+22 (rookies)

Mandi said...


A Shishineh 4:46 PR, GR
S Hulin 6:19 PR
J Staman 6:55 PR
K Berndt 6:13
M Davidson: 8:30
J Thrift 8:50 (mod)
J Lorman 10:01 (mod)
J Mantanes --- (mod)
M Ruiz 9:51 (mod)
S Wilner 9:51 (mod)
K Palmisano 9:09
T Braglio 10:59 (mod)
K Elliott 11:00 (mod)
J Goss --- (mod)

Evan said...

6:00 PM

L.Attermeier 5:01
M.Gross 5:43 PR! (unbroken!)
B.Bush 6:17
J.Shrader 6:35 PR
S.Stephens 6:51
I.Bruce 6:55
J.Southworth 7:25 PR
S.Rana 8:13 PR
K.Faro 8:55
V.Kurian 9:07
S.Pickett 9:08
A.Ne 11:01 PR!
L.Rouque 6:15 (mod)
R.Kaplan 7:18 (mod)
M.Treas 8:14 (mod)
R.Leiberman 8:35 (mod)
R.Olade 8:55 (mod)
I.Gill 9:25 (mod)

Mike T said...

7 pm


12 Double Unders
12 Sit-Ups
12 Front Squats

HP. Schwebler 6 +27
A. Hatcher 8 +24
H. Vahovick 7 +3
N. Pham 7 +12
L. Elder 6 +24
B. Wonderly 6 +25
D. Adkins 6 +22
E. Raymond 4 +31
E. Davidson 8 +28