Friday 5/4/12




Double Unders

Compare to: 1/18/12

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Dan Hook said...

I've apparently missed the last several times this WOD came up. I had to go all the way back to 7/16/10. I'm looking forward to seeing the results of nearly two years more practice at double unders.

Teresa said...

A Shishineh 5:40
S Hettinger 8:11 (PR!)
R Morano 8:46
M Boyd 10:04 (singles x 2)
G Yakaitis 10:10 (singles & doubles??)
B Lessler 10:12 (singles)

Teresa said...

You'll crush your previous time!

Evan said...

5 - PM Folks

T.Shrader 6:48 PR!!
D.Hook 7:20 PR!!
K.Palmisaon 7:42 PR!!
M.Gross 7:48
A.Rigney 8:52 (singles)
S.Hulin 9:46
K.Faro 10:59 PR!!

Max W said...


K. Berndt 6:20
Z. Stone 7:53
L. Roque 7:15 (MOD)
O. Nunn 8:39 (MOD)
E. Dean 7:52 (MOD)
J. Southworth 8:43
R. Lieberman 8:35 PR
S. Rana 9:10 PR
S. Moore 12:05 (MOD)

Great work!!

Evan said...

Open Gym

H.Dean 15:10
H.Y 6:07