Thursday 8/2/12




SDHP (75/ 55# )
Push Jerk (
75/ 55#)

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Allen Fountain said...

Need more America in these Olympic pics. USA! USA! USA!

Brian Cohee said...

Pre-warning, there will not be an endurance WOD this weekend as we will all be out of town. Just more excuse to go hard on Saturday.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and gets to enjoy watching the games.

RachelRose said...

Susan good luck tomorrow!! We'll be thinking of you! Bring CFD's new home a fresh trophy!

Mandi said...


B Bush 8:48
K Berndt 9:31 mod
B Lessler 16:38 mod
T Henry 15:21
R Pierson 13:47 mod
H Dean 18:25

jshish8 said...

1mi run (untimed)

15 hanging power cleans (140#)
15 burpees


1mi run (untimed)

Jamison Peter Hibbard said...

Anybody up for some sort of WOD sunday? A longer run maybe?

Jamison Peter Hibbard said...

Jess and I may do a patapsaco trail loop, i'm thinking.

Michael Gross said...


M Gross 15:06

Steve H said...

A Fountain 10:57
M Sullivan 12:07
J Greco 15:15
K Faro 16:19
T Braglio 12:58 (#75)
I Bruce 14:40 (#75)
D Hook 12:39 (#65)
R Morano 11:44 (#50)
M Davidson 9:42 (MOD)

Evan said...

Hello gang! We've landed in Killeen and are heading over to the meet location for gear check. Your times are kicking but on today's WOD! Keep it up!

Mandi said...


T Tom 7:24
J Schreiber 8:23
HY Tom 10:45
S Fountain 11:19
Y Schreiber 11:50
S Rana 12:19 mod

T said...

[7 PM]
E. Park 15:54 [80#]
A. Rigney 16:19 !!:)
R. Olade 20:26

A. Solomon 17:10 [65#]
Sh. Hulin 17:19 [MOD]

Nice work gang!

Neale said...

7:30pm @ Casa de Salvador

N. Salvador 8:07