Friday 8/24/12

Tabata for Total Reps:

Row* (Calories)
Rest 1 Minute
Handstand Push-Up
Rest 1 Minute

Compare to 2/10/12

*Keep flywheel spinning during 10 sec rest
Post Grand Total reps to comments

Pushing for success at the 5ton5k!

CrossFit Diesel will Be hosting:
the 5ton5K, Sept. 29th & 30th

A weekly Powerlifting Team Practice has been scheduled for Thursdays at 7:00 PM
I you are interested in competing in the State Meet, or interested in Powerlifting and able to volunteer at the State Meet please email me at:


RachelRose said...

This picture is too awesome!!!!!

jshish8 said...

Name Row/HSPU/Burpee/Total

B. Lessler 43/26/41/110
Andrew 43/56(DB Press)/40/139
G. Yakaitis 45/43 (DB Press)/36/124
D. London 41/42 (Press Ups)/32/115
B. Bush 57/24/68/149
W. Bigelow 51/39/61/151

A. Shishineh 65/59/65/189

Mike T said...

I anyone is going to the 5 or 6 WOD from the King's Contrivance area I could use a ride. Thanks.

RachelRose said...

I'm thinking AJ is coaching? Can we look forward to this more often?

Mandi said...

Yes...AJ is coaching in the AM!!!!

RachelRose said...

Wooo hoooo!! Go AJ :)

jshish8 said...

S. Matthews 60/9/60/129
J. Thrift 45/55/37/137 (MOD)
J. Lorman 78/23/42/143
S. Wilner 59/38/35/132 (MOD)
K. Faro 51/28/51/130
D. Hook 58/16/43/117

I. Bruce 61/31/49/141
E. Dean 75/39/40.5/154.5 (MOD)
J. Southworth 61/18/44/123
T. Luz 56/68/48/172 (MOD)
A. Solomon 55/33/34/122
K. Baranowsk 44/49/23/116
Z. Stone 63/27/51/141 (MOD)
Scott A 70/23/37/130 (MOD)

Evan said...

... and also in the 6:00 pm

L.Roque 45/50/44=139 (mod)

Jason said...

5 mile run thru DC and around the Mall. Dead legs after front squats.

jshish8 said...

Rachel, can't wait to had ya back in the 7am!