Wednesday 4/25/12



Double Under

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Mandi said...


S Hettinger 8:12
A Solomon 9:58 mod
B Lessler 10:00 mod
H Dean 13:24 mod

great work am crew!

RachelRose said...

Was am rookies?

skeeler said...

This one's going to be fun.

Mandi said...

Yes, The Wednesday morning class can fluctuate based on the attendance. Basically, they are at my mercy ;)

RachelRose said...

I think anyone could easily learn to enjoy that Mandi. Good to know.

Mandi said...

A Shishineh 3:43
T Luz 4:54 mod
A Fountain 5:00
S Hulin 5:17
J Shrader 5:43
D Hook 6:50
K Faro 8:15
S Rana 8:20 mod
M Sullivan 9:05
S Matthews 9:07
O Nunn 9:12 mod
K Keating 9:40 mod
O Cobiskey ??
M Gerwig ??

T Tom 4:48
HY Tom 4:51
M Gross 5:07
S Stephens 5:45
I Reid 5:54
M Stephen 5:55
C Dodge 6:45 mod
K Berndt 7:47 mod
J Southworth 8:02
S Fountain 9:20
K Baranowski 9:30 mod
C Twaddle 9:35
R Lieberman 9:40
J Gipson 11:00 mod
M Treas 13:03 mod

Mandi said...

7PM Rookies
Clean + Jerk

E. Raymond 55
C. Dorsey 75
A. Rager 55
HP Schwebler 65
T. Crane 75
S. Wilner 65

Awesome job tonight rookies!

kaney said...

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