Sunday 2/26/12

Endurance WOD

Time: 9am
Location: Hammond High School Track

8x400m with 90 seconds rest between each

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Brian Cohee said...

Great work today!

Josh: 22:29 (1:30 pace, -1 second)
Shannon: 23:25
Lauren: 23:40 (1:40 pace)
Mike T: 2:00-2:05 pace (mod)

Brian Cohee said...

For those with their sites on the games, either now or in the future, next week will be a swimming WOD. It costs seven dollars, but will be oriented to facilitate all swimming types and include stroke instruction.

If you are participating in the North Face Event in June, and would like to get some experience at running at pacing that distance, the endurance WOD for 11 March (two weeks from today) will be a 10K run for time.

Josh said...

Brian, Lauren, this could be Oliver in a few years :)