Saturday 2/25/12


Team WOD - teams of ~4

200 KB Swing (70/ 53)
200 1-arm KB High Pull (53/35)
200 Goblet Squats (53/ 35)
200 Waiters OH lunges (35/26.5)

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jshish8 said...

Yvette, have fun tomorrow!!

T said...

Good luck girl - you're gonna crush it!

Evan said...

M Sullivan
J Hibbard
J Shrader
E Dean 18:29

S Hulin
AJ Shishineh
B Cohee
K Faro 16:33

C Perticone
R Morano
A Rigney 19:09

L Cohee
H Dean
S Fountain 27:20 (220 of each!)

Evan said...

S. Wilkes 15# 8 Rounds
K. Baranowski 15# 5+5
G. Yakaitis 35# 5
J. Lyu 65# 8
R. Rivera 45# 7+2
K. Tip 65# 4
D. Weyrauch PVC 5+2

RachelRose said...

Rookies WOD R. Morano 8 (#55 -> #33)

Shannon said...

Just to clarify, our team did a total of 220 KB, 220 1arm high pulls, 220 goblets, and 220 lunges. Somehow we miss counted and did a little extra. I guess we were having so much fun, we didn't want to stop. :)

Rachel L. said...

Yvette killed it today at district crossfit! 104 reps!

She was 1 rep away from finishing tied for third overall out of the women competing!

jshish8 said...

Heck yeah! Awesome job, Yvette!
Top 30 teams from each region go to regionals...still early but this team has got talent and heart!

Mandi said...

Woohoo! Congrats Yvette!!!

Josh said...

Great job Yvette!

Mandi said...

I got 91 or 92 reps today, I can't remember at the moment as I am still fran coughing! Evan and Susan cheered me on.

Josh B got 109 today!

Mandi said...

Team Diesel Rocks!

Yvette said...

Okay Rachel R., Tyler, and Matt: I started a Diesel 2 team. You just need to choose join existing team and choose Diesel 2. I think the $ I paid already is for the whole team. Which ended up being about 160 by the end with taxes an all so if you guys just bring me $40 in cash or check that works.

Here is the website again so you can register your info.

KaseAnne said...

12.1 - 94 (I do better in warm FL air!)

Matt said...

Thanks Yvette, I just registered.

RachelRose said...

Wow!!! U burpee animals! Burpee madness!! Awesome job to all! Killin' it.

Evan said...

Great Job Kasey!

T said...

Thanks Yvette - I just registered as well.

Nice work Kasey!!

RachelRose said...

I also just registered Yvette, thanks! :)