Saturday 1/7/12


For Time:

500 m Row
~ then, proceed directly into ten round of:
  • 15 Double-Unders
  • 7 Burpees
~ then, immediately:
Run 1 mile


Run at Nelson's Fat Ass 50K today
starting at the Docks at Lake Elkhorn: 8:00 AM

Compare to: 1/8/11
(Regardless of which WOD you do, Post time to comments)


RachelRose said...

Good luck to those running Nelson's!!!!!

Mandi said...


A Shishineh 18:07
B Bush 19:06
W Hall 19:43
J Shrader 20:39
K Kovacs 20:41
B Smith 21:13
F Walterhoefer 21:18 (30SU)
Y Schreiber 23:00
V Kurian 23:12
K Berndt 24:26
S Fountain 24:56
D Hook 25:58
R Lieberman 26:23
K Faro 26:31
E Dean 32:00 (30SU)
D London 32:10
H Dean 34:52

Mandi said...



K Kuedey 115 / 145
D Whitehorn 135 / 95
A Rigney 85 / 155
C Dine 47.5 / 80
K Berndt 77.5 / 145
R Wallace 105 / 80

whitney said...

Hey all don't forget .. Everyone's invited to union jacks tonight were starting the shin dig around 7. Hope to see you guys there!!

Brian Cohee said...


Brian (25k w/stroller): 2 hrs, 40min
Lauren (25K): 3hrs 1min

Endurance WOD for Sunday:

To allow everyone (esp. me) some recovery time from today, the endurance WOD will be swimming. Goal will be to focus on form and efficiency. All strengths of swimmers invited and encouraged.

Class will be held at the Supreme Sports Club, which is at the intersection of Carved Stone and Snowden Parkway - which is only about 1/2 mile from the Diesel Gym. We will meet at the front desk at 9 AM.

If you are a columbia association member, class will be free, otherwise please bring $7 to pay for the guest pass.

Evan said...

Fantastic Time Brian, Oliver and Lauren! Also, awesome job everyone who ran in Nelson's today!

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