Saturday 12/31/11

Team WOD:

"Strongman Murph"

200M Farmers Walk per round* (#70x2/ #53x2)
100 Pull-ups total (44/ 22# vest)
200 Push-ups total (45/ 25# plate)
300 Goblet Squats total (53/ 35# Kettlebell)
(Optional Rest Station for teams of 5)

*This WOD has 3 Work Stations and 1 Pushing Station
Teams work to achieve cumulative totals at each “Work Station”
Teams rotate stations upon the arival of the “Pusher” each round
When all the work is complete at a Work Station, it becomes a rest station

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Today's Classes:
10am - Rookies



K said...

I *knew* we'd done this before:

Weight is slightly increased, but this is still gonna be a blast.

Evan said...

Keith P, Dan H, Steve H, Chris T, Forrest W - 25:00

Susan, Hil, Eric, Kevin, Whit: 21:20

10am - Rookies
Squat Snatch drills

Mike & Mandi - kicked ass!

T said...

Happy New Year everyone!

What're folks goals for the new year???

Mine -
315lb Clean+Jerk
275lb Snatch
<4min Fran
<2min Grace
Better Toe-2-Bar

I'm sure the list could go on...

Also - I was digging through some old files and found my first WOD with the class..

25 Wall Ball
30 Pull Up

T - 23:52 (10#, Jumping Pull Ups)

Amazing to look back at the beginning and see the difference with today!

Dan Hook said...

T, I remember that one. I'm pretty sure Evan had to help me get into the green band each time.

Evan said...

That one is back from when we posted a video everyday! :-)

RachelRose said...

Deadlift 250
Back squat 175
Front squat 155
Jerk 125
Clean 125
Pull-up 10
That's it for now!

Matt said...

-Make every snatch & C&J on strength days a squat one with less slop.
- <6:00 Fran
- Connect more butterfly pull-ups (I'm at 10 now) 21 by year end would be great.
-Crack 400 on my deadlift without rounding.

My trip down Memory Lane:
First Strength

p - 110
pp - 105
pj - 115

First metcon:
5 Rounds for time:

15 Wallball (20#m, 15#w)
200m MB Run


Matt said...

Thanks for the dramatically improved 10 general skills.

Oh and I'd like to be able to do a 100m handstand walk.

Rachel L. said...

Back squat - 220
Front squat - 185
DL - 285
C&J - 1x bw
Jerk - 165
Increase speed on all the benchmark workouts
20 pullups unbroken
1 muscle up... Just one

Anonymous said...

Donte's Crossfit Goals for 2012

All BW exercises (Muscle Ups, Ring Dips, Pull Ups) unassisted
Consistently do DoubleUnders
<4min Grace
Increase by 50lb in all dynamic lifts
525lb Deadlift
Increased flexibility and aerobic capacity

My trip thru memory lane 1/17/09:
45lb thruster
Could not run/jog 200m w/o walking

jshish8 said...

First WOD:
"Diablo vs One World"

In any order, Perform:

12 Rope Climbs
50 Thrusters (½ BW)
100 Deadlifts (½ BW+90/60#)
After max deadlift in the morning, this was painful.

Pull 350# DL
BS 265#
60 pull ups
3min Fran
Better technique on Oly lifts.