Wednesday 11/23/11



3 rounds for repetitions:
1 minute Rope Climb
1 minute Rest
1 minute Handstand Push-ups
1 minute Rest
1 minute Row for Calories
1 minute Rest

Post repetitions to comments

We continue our Customer Appreciation Month by applauding Diesel athletes with 300 to 400 completed work-outs. Way to go everyone, congratulations!

Mike T 360
Kim 331
Matt 315
Rachel M 310


K said...

Anyone wanna take bets on the order of next week's top Dieselers?

My money is on this:

...Though Steve and T might switch

RachelRose said...

K u forgot mike g.

Jason said...

If it wasn't for having to have a job I'd beat everyone! I'm gonna join the Occupy protests and demand that someone pay for me to do wods all day everyday!

T said...

J - I'll be right there with you buddy!! Down with wallstreet! Up with WOD'ing!!

T said...

K - don't forget the terminator, I bet she's up there too...

Mandi said...

Go Team Diesel! You guys rock. These are all great guesses for next week, but keep in mind the coaches are going to get their own special day :)

K said...

So... I assumed T2 and Mike G were earlier in the listings... they're definitely regulars, but 400+ WODs in a year or less would be pretty epic. (Mike-- correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought you started Dieseling around this time last year) Then again, I'm not the most observant of individuals, so this might be your chance to make some money off of me.

...if you take out the coaches, this list gets pretty short :)

Evan said...


AJ 145
Teresa 130
Jason G 87
Yvette 87
Whitney 65
Hoi Yee 102 (some rom on HSPU)
Ben 101 (some rom on HSPU)

Josh 96 (1 abmat)
Vinu 86 (1 blue abmat)
Bill B 74 (1 abmat)
Jason H 122 (2 abmat)
Holly 109 (2 abmat)
Kim 78 (2 abmat)
Mike B 60 (HSPU facing wall)

Shannon 98 (25# DBPress, 8' climbs)
Jay Gipson 159 (Rope Scale, 15# DB)
Tony B 135 (Rope Scale, 35#)


Steve H 107
CT 95 (+5 HSPU Negatives)
Mandi 90 (1 abmat)
Chris 85 (HSPU facing wall?)
Mike T 234 (HS hold for sec., Rope Sit)


Evan 147
Sarah 79 (1 abmat)

Teresa said...

Way to ROCK IT! Nice job!