Thursday 11/10/11



As many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of:
5 Power Snatches (#95/#65)
5 Bar-facing Burpees
2 Muscle-ups

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Come out and show your CFDiesel power by cheering on Teresa in the Mid-Atlantic Hopper this weekend!


Evan said...

7:00 AM

AJ S 7
Whitney 5+9 (red)
Chris 4+5 (red)
Dipti 4+5 (35#, B.row, Bench PU)

Chris said...

I have a question regarding the effectivness of this workout at least as I performed it. It seems like doing 7 RFT of snatch and burpees or doing an amrap 7 then followed with stregth work on the muscle up wouldve been more effective. Any comments or recommendations?

Evan said...

The challenge in this WOD:

Can the CrossFiter perform a relatively difficult gymnastics move (in today's case = the muscle-up) after a quick sprint of a cardiovascularly stimulating / explosive Pull & Push.

i.e. Perform a tough strength move under duress resulting from the previous moves.

Is this a good/ bad challenge?
Is this a good/ bad way to build skill?
Is this an effective/ ineffective way to develop a MU?

Thoughts? Recommendations?

jshish8 said...

As Evan said, if the MU is scaled to a difficult 2-rep movement (i.e. band MU, push-up/pull-up combo) then the MU strength work will become part of the WOD. Thus, conditioning the athlete and building strength for a MU at the same time.

Chris said...

I think that it is a way to build the MU, but I didn't experience much conditioning due to the difficulty of the movement or as much strength work due to the small number of reps.

It is nice to have a variety in the work out pattern though.

Mandi said...


Keith 6+2 (#75, jumping)
Sujata 5 (#45, blueMU)
Rachel L 4+4 (6xPU, 6xred)
Hilary 3+2 (#55, 6xgreenPU, 6xblue)

Mandi said...

6:00 PM

Teresa 8+6
Tyler 6+7
Yvette 6+10 (Red)
Hoi Yee 7+5 (45#, Red)
Shannon 6 (50#, Blue)
Mike B. 5+2 (65#, Blue)
Cami 5+5 (45#, Blue + some feet)

Mandi said...

7pm- Rookies

Tony 135/165/195
Josh 105/135/170
Yoriy 115/135/165
Jake 150/135/155
Mike B 85/125/135
Yvette 70/95/115
Whitney 70/95/105
Kwame 75/85/105
Amy 65/80/85
Frank 55/65/65