Wednesday 9/21/11



Complete as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of:
15 Wall ball shots (#20/#14)
1 Rope climb (15ft)

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The 2011 Crossfit Games are on ESPN2 this evening. Click here for more info.


RachelRose said...

Aw, you should make this 20 minutes...

RachelRose said...

I take that last comment back. Hee hee hee. The point is a 10-minute super intense WOD, not a 20-minute less intense version. Forgive me.

Mandi said...

Ah Rachel, you can do it! Your rope climb speed will probably surprise you.

skeeler said...

But MY rope-climbing speed will only surprise slugs and tree sloths. I'm taking them down!

RachelRose said...

Mandi, that is exactly my worry. You know me too well :)

Mandi said...

AJ 8+8
Mike S 8+7
Dan H 7+9
Michael G 6+8
Luke 6 1/2
Vinu 5+11
Sean 5 (WBrom, blue pull-ups)

Mandi said...

6:00 PM

Jesse S 7+11
Jason H. 7+2
Rachel M. 7+2
Jim 6+"A Half"
Chris 6+2
Josh 6+1
Rachel L 4 (Full - 2x 1/2 climb)
Kim 5+13 (10#)
Sujata 5+25 (10#, J.K2E)
"Hurricane" Irene 4+21 (10#,J.K2E)
Mike T 4+14 (15#, J.K2E)
Jay 3+15 (10# ROM, J.K2E)

7:00 PM

Sarah 5+7
Mark G 5+1
Hilary 3+18 (J.K2E)
Katherine 4+2 (10#, J.K2E)

Teresa said...

9 rnds