Friday 9/16/11



Weighted Pull-ups

Weighted Ring-dips

Compare to 8/6/11 , 1/27/11 , 12/17/10

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Congratulations Deb & family! She delivered Jaina (8lbs.13oz. healthy baby girl) on 9/14/11.

Schedule changes:
Friday (9/16/11):
No 7pm Open Gym tonight

Saturday (9/17/11):
This Saturday's 9am will be canceled in place of the "FightGoneBad6" at 11am.


Jamison Peter Hibbard said...

We could replace friday open gym with this:

Jamison Peter Hibbard said...
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Jamison Peter Hibbard said...

use this actually:

Sujata said...

Congratulations Deb!!

RachelRose said...

Jamison I vote yes to that!

Steve H said...

Excellent numbers today CF'ers!

5p (Wpu/Wdip)

Brian C - 90/75
Rachel M - 1xbw/1xbw
Whitney - 60/1xbw
Mike G - 118PR/90PR
Mike S - 93/37
AJ S - 102/75

6p (Wpu/Wdip)

Ian R - 131PR,GR/60
Jamison - 100/75
Josh - 50/53
Jesse S - 76/65
Yvette - 10/1xbw
Jason S - 105/115GR

RachelRose said...

Brian thanks for bringing Oliver. That little guy is amazing.

Teresa said...

PU: 67.5 (vest)
RD: 65 (belt)