Wednesday 8/3/11


Individual Skills 1 (modified)

Max L-sit for time (1 attempt)
Max distance Handstand walk (1 attempt*)
Max Rep Double Unders
Max Rep Pistols (1 leg for 1 minute, then immediately into the other side for 1 minute. Score = Cumulative reps)

* Mulligan - if you fall in less than 10 ft, you get a do-over.

-All Cross Fitters & guests welcome!
-Saturday, 8/6/11 starting at 5 pm
-Bring paleo or zone inspired appetizer or dish
-Non alcoholic beverages plus basic beer and wine provided

Please RSVP under comments by Friday, 8/5/11.


RachelRose said...

Is there a scale for the hand-stand walk?, like hand-stand walk against the wall for distance, or hand-stand against the wall for time, or both...

jshish8 said...

what about a mulligan on DUs?

Mandi said...

Evan & I will be at the Party this Saturday night! We will be bring a cold beef salad.
Who else is coming?

Mandi said...

Yes, that is it exactly Rachel. Each skill will have scaling options.

RachelRose said...

I will be coming by the Par-tay also, not sure what I'll bring or what time I'll be by since I will have friends from out of town staying with me, but I promise to bring something yummy... maybe coconut ice cream!

RachelRose said...

Today's main site WOD is this year Games' 'Event 8'; it is a very odd WOD... why not have it be a 15 minute AMRAP? Who in the world can do all of those moves in 3 minutes? Am I missing something here?

Mandi said...

Seconds- Feet- Repetitions- Repetitions

AJ 32-7-9-40
Ben S 43-70wall-55su-25pole
Dan H 44PR-62wall-53PR-35
Evan 30-50-19-26
Jim 12-37wall-11-20pole
Mandi 24-6-55-24
Teresa 38-110wall-66-22

Chris 20-42wall-33PR-15sc
Hoi Yee 14-33-37-27
Laura D 23sc-26wall-16su-29sc
Mike T 25sc-40wall-42su-19sc
Rachel L 14sc-6-20PR-23sc
Rachel M 58sc-80wall-68-15
Sujata 58sc-37wall-3-41pole
T 28-120wall-92-26

Mandi said...

Kim 13/16ft (wall)/63/11
Katie 13sc/45secHold/46SU/34sc

Teresa said...

It was a 3-part final WOD (Events 8, 9, and 10). It went like this:
Event 8: 3 min AMRAP for total reps
Rest 1 min
Event 9: 6 min AMRAP for total reps
Rest 2 mins
Event 10: Complete all moves for time. They were then ranked for each of the 3 parts. Hope that helps.

RachelRose said...

Oh, cool! That makes much more sense :) Thanks Teresa!