Monday 8/8/11


Death by:

Power Clean (135/ 95)

Perform 1 Power Clean on the 1st minute, 2 on the 2nd, 3 on the 3rd ... etc. - Until unable to complete the requisite Power Cleans within the allotted minute.

(Post rounds to comments)

NOTE: Reminder, this mornings class is at 7am!

Additionally, a reporter from the Howard Times will be at the gym tonight at 6pm to interview Diesel Chicks for an article about "Women in Extreme Sports"! You must live in Howard County to be interviewed.


RachelRose said...

Pic is awesome. You got Susan doing a Power Clean with her feet completely off the floor, and of course the most priceless expression. Judging from that face I think she was either going to break the bar in half or lift it.

Yvette said...

So not 10am?

Mandi said...

Correct Yvette, the Monday morning class is now at 7am!

Yes, I love catching cool shots of you guys.

Jason said...

Amelia 9+5. Recorded wrong on board.

Evan said...

7:00 am
Jason G 11+8
A.J. 8+8
Rx'd - 20#
Rachel M 10+8 (75#)
Jeff M 10+8 (115#)
Amy S 9+5 (75#)
Sujata 6+4 (75#)

Evan said...

All fixed.
Thanks Jason - And Great job today Amelia!

jshish8 said...

How many rookie classes are there? I am wondering if tomorrow morning will be a repeat for me or not. Thanks.

RachelRose said...

Who is interested in a parallette-building party? Anyone want a set of these puppies at home?

Sujata said...

Rachel - sign me up even if I'm not a very handy do-it-yourself person. Great minds think alike or what - I'm driving to work thinking "I need some parallettes at home..."! A few tuck holds in front of the TV every day will definitely do me good!

Jason Schreiber, HKC said...

Jason S: 155 lbs x 10 minutes

Evan said...


Teresa 13+9
Jim 10+8
Brian C 10+6
Mike G 9+6
Yvette 12+8 (75#)
Ben ? (?#)
Chris S. 15 (55#)
Mel 12 (Pull-Ups)

Rachel L. 9+7
Jesse S 7+6
- 10#
Rachel M. 10+7 (85#)
- 20#
Shannon 9+5 (75#)
Kim 8+5 (75#)
Hoi Yee 7+4 (75#)
- 30#
Mike T 10+8 (105#)
Jay 9+9 (65#)

Evan said...


There are 5 week.
1 different Module* each week.
3 different WODs each week.

*Such as: Gymnastics, Basic Couplets, Oly. Lifting, Heavy, Benchmarks, Etc.

Evan said...


Sarah 9+9
Whitney 9+8
Jason H. 7+4
Vinu 7+4
Laura D 8 (85#)
Jeff G 10+7 (115#)

Yvette said...

I'm so mad at myself for not doing 95 or at least 85. Ughh :) next time I guess. See y'all tomorrow night. BTW I can't believe you did morning and night Rachel M. You're Awesome!!!

Teresa said...
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Teresa said...

Don't be mad at yourself...It's all good data to use for next time. It was a great workout at the weight you chose because you're good about pushing yourself to get a high level of intensity out of the WOD regardless!