Tuesday 5/17/11



3 rounds for time:
40 Sit-ups
20 Box Jumps
10 Ring dips

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Dan Hook said...

Steve! You promised no sit ups!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, who is with me to "kill" Steve? He said "no sit ups". And they say that you can't trust what a woman says! Huh! Looks like it works BOTH ways!

Sujata said...

I second you on this Dan! I think that Steve should double up on the sit ups!!

Chris said...

Who's interested in car pooling to warrior dash?

Evan said...

Rookies WOD 4

Daniel 1/1/1/1
Jesse W 1/2/1/1 (95#)
Jeff 1/1/2/2
Kevin 2/1/3/2
Betty 1/1/5/1 (35-25#)

Bobby said...

There is another Mobility Certification with Kelly Starrett on August 14 in Alexandria. I'll be there. Anybody else in?


Evan said...


Vinu 4:35 (green)
Luke 8:15
Jamison 8:56
Keith 9:43
Kassim 9:59 (wall sit-ups)
Shannon 10:32 (steps, red)
Irene 11:35 (steps, seated arm raise)
Jesse S 12:09 (rx'd-red)
Rachel L 12:16 (Bar Purple)

Mandi said...


Dan H 9:07
Ben S 9:11 (wall sit-ups)
Hoi Yee 9:49 (bar)
Sujata 9:53 (wall sit-ups,red)
Matt 10:04
Mandi 10:30 (wall sit-ups,10 strict, 20 beige)
Jason H 10:43 (red)
Phil 11:09 (20", red)
Deb 13:10 (K2C, step, Red)

Mandi said...


Mike T 10:33 (20", thin green)
Chris 11:50

Vinu said...

I wish! My time was 10:35. Atrocious handwriting after a WOD.

Teresa said...

6:47 (did on Wednesday before Front Squats)