Monday 4/25/11

"Tabata Something Else"

Complete 32 intervals of 20 seconds of work followed by ten seconds of rest where the first 8 intervals are pull-ups, the second 8 are push-ups, the third 8 intervals are sit-ups, and finally, the last 8 intervals are squats. There is no rest between exercises.

Post total reps from all 32 intervals to comments.

Compare to 10/20/10

Jay deadlifting


RachelRose said...
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RachelRose said...

Is the scoring for this to record the minimum number of reps per exercise? That's what I recall from last time. Thanks and hope you all enjoyed Easter!

Evan said...

Exactly right, Rachel.

Minimum # of reps, for each exercise, then total your 4 scores.

(ex. 5, 5, 13, 17 = 40)

Evan said...

10:00 am

Jason G 9/6/8/10 = 33 (TR-275)
Ben 1/5/9/7 = 22 (TR-230)
Cain 3/0/7/7 = 17 (225)

skeeler said...

Personally, I like recording total reps on these workouts. It's a much better measure of mechanical work done.

Cain said...

I think each method of scoring is for different purposes. If we only total the lowest rounds in each exercise then it seems like the goal is to be able to distribute the work more smartly so we can get a score in each round. If we only total each exercise then we miss the distribution of work and concentrate on score, in which case we can sprint for a round and then writhe in lactic agony for seven. If we only total the reps for all 4 exercises then we might save ourselves for our best move.

I think we need all three scores (lowest round, total reps per exercise, total reps per WOD) for best picture of the data, and for the purposes of the CFD white board we need just the lowest rounds. That will teach me not to take a rest round!

Also, Evan speculated some other outcomes with us. As in, what would happen to your scores if you worked one interval then rested another full interval, and that sort of manipulation of variables... this was an interesting day. Tabatas are cool.

Cain said...

Also, a score in each round means better management of intensity for the workout's sake, not merely for getting a score... needed to specify this.

Evan said...

Cain, you've hit the nail on the head. Good work!

Jen said...

Although...the wod instructions say, "Post total reps from all 32 intervals to comments."

Evan said...

And we did Jen/Jason.

Tabata Score for each
Tabata total
Total Reps (TR)

CrossFit has changed this around a bunch - We'll look at all 3 for reference.

T said...


Matt 5/4/9/15=33 [???]
Dan 6/5/9/11= 31 [264]
Susan 8/8/12/16 = 44 [???]
Alexa 2/4/8/10 = 24 [???]
Michael G 10/8/10/13 = 41 [366]
Whitney 7/8r/13/17= 45 [372]
Luke 9/9/11/11 = 40 [320]
Vinu 5/6/9/10 = 38 [???]
Mike S 8/5/12/17 = 42 [361]
Kim 3/6/10/13 = 32 [???]
Sheila 4/7/7/8 = 26 [219]
Crystal 5/8/8/10 = 31 [255]
Keith 8/8/12/12 = 40 [320] PR!
Sujata 4/9/11/12 = 36 [???]
Andriana 7/16/8/13 =34 [272]

Jason H 5bb/6/6/10 = 27 [233]
Shannon 5bb/10k/11/15r = 41[328]
Jesse S 4/4/8/10 = 26 [241]
Donte 5/8/8/8 = 29 [250]
Kassim 5c2b/9/8/12 = 34 [316]
Jamison 7/6/10/13 = 36 [296]
Jay 4br/6horse/4r/7p = 21 [192]
T 7/15/10/20r = 52 [418]
Hoi Yee 4/10rp/10/15 = 39 [312]
Steve 8/6/5ghd/10 =29 [257]
Jesse W 8/8/4ghd/9 = 29 [258]

Chris 4/5/8/12=29(263)
Mark G 3/5/9/14=32(376)
Sarah 6/2dbpu/10/10=28(248)
Mandi 4/6/10/14=34(292)
Jason C 5br/3/7/5=20(171)

k = knee
rp = kipping/rocking pushup
bb = blue band
br = body row
ghd = ghd situps
r = rom
c2b = chest-to-bar
dbpu = dumb bell push up

RachelRose said...

Hey party people :) I came back to work today after 1 glorious week at home and BAM! the stress of work brought me to the mercy of some foods I don't eat unless I am under stress and for the past hour and a half I have been nauseous with a headache, stomachache, and the jitters and some mild palpitations/increased heart rate. So the question you asked over a week ago- "Is it paleo, is it zone, is it worth it?" It was not paleo, it was not zone, and it was sooooo beyond not worth it.

In light of this post, I will leave you with something far more valuable then my rant:

really cool site by a CrossFit chick in FL.

Jason said...

Indeed, sir, and thanks for entering the data. It allows me to be lazy!
I think, perhaps, part of the thinking is that if this workout is considered as a whole, and if the goal is total work capacity in any given wod then total reps is the key information for this wod regardless of how the work was accomplished.

However, in order to properly determine over time how to achieve maximum capacity all of the data must be recorded and analyzed.

Sheila said...

OMG! You can tell that the 5 p.m. class was DEAD at the end - we all forgot to write down how we modified the exercises. Ooooops! I guess that it won't hurt for us to look "perfect" for one workout, uh? We all know in our hearts what we did :-)

RachelRose said...

Sujata you shouldn't have said anything, I believed it!!!

RachelRose said...

I mean Sheila, whoops!

Sujata said...

My total should read:
Sujata 4/9/11/12 = 36 (292)
Pull Ups on Red Band.

Matt said...

Total was 248 for me.

Sujata said...

Well, Rachel, if you insist, I take back that Red Band...!!

RachelRose said...

Nice one Sujata! Maybe next time this WOD shows up you and me both might be band-free!

jacksbadassgoat said...

5,6,10,13=34 [342]