Wednesday 3/2/11



100 KB swings for time (70/53#)

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5pm - Evan
6pm - Evan
7pm - Whitney


Jason said...

72 lbs (2 pood) x 100= 7,200

7,200/50 lbs (heaviest hotel db)=144

144 db swings. 6:38

Jamison Peter Hibbard said...

The mainsite photo made me think of this - At some point can we have a work out that involves a tug o' war?

Jason said...

Hmmm...may be a problem for a FatFit Army guy...

Evan said...

5:00 pm

Cain 4:52 (36)
Meghan 5:36 (35)
Vinu 7:22 (53)
Teresa 8:05
Mike S. 8:16

Evan said...


Lisa 5:45 (18)
Shannon 8:02 (26.5)
Whitney 7:50
Jamison 7:37
Irene 8:00 (35)
Rachel 8:02 (50)
Maggie 8:26
Jesse S. 8:27 (53)

whitney said...

7 PM Class

Phil 6:53 (35#)
Tyler 6:59
Chris T. 7:30 (53#)
Kim 8:20 (35#)
Sujata 8:34 (35#)
Jose 8:52 (53#)

JM said...

Nah, sled pulls are my speciality.

The problem is going to be with units trying to implement this type of PT on a daily basis with the limited equipment provided. Push ups are free...hooah?

Jason said...

That's why I believe in FatFitting.

JM said...

Eh, I'm not even sure I'd phrase it that way. I've pushed far enough away from CF to really not even feel the need to put "Fit" at the end. You're inclined to do so, but that is also in keeping with your perspective. I, however, want no part of that.

Jason said...

I believe in fat.

JM said...

I believe in fat as well. In fact, I just had some delicious heavy cream.

I thought about clarifying my previous statement, but I'm too fat to type, so I'll just let them be interpreted as heresy. Maybe Castro will pay me a visit on the black chinook soon. I have some hair dye, a surfboard, and a lower back tattoo that is quite fitting for a SEAL. :)