Saturday 3/26/11



Run 1 mile
21 Clean and jerk (155/100/ 65#)
Run 800 meters
21 Clean and jerk (155/ 100/ 65#)
Run 1 Mile

Peter Egyed 21:00, Chad Wittman 21:46, Austin Malleolo 21:50, Rob Miller 28:11 (sq. clean), Michael Giardina 32:50 (sq. clean).

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NOTICE: Potluck Box Party!!!
We will be building Plyo Boxes this Sunday (3/27/11) starting at 11am. Anyone who has some time and wants to help out we would appreciate it. Click here to learn more about the boxes.

NOTE: Box Party'ers - Drills and Circular saws will be helpful. We have some, but it would be better to have too many tools than not enough.


Jason said...

Thanks, Cain.

Mandi said...

Nice Job you guys!

Mike T. 14:39 (400m,200m,400m, #65)
Mark G. 20:40 (#75)
Chris 25:20 (#95)
Whitney 25:52 (#65)
Jamison 26:14 (#135)
Shannon 26:18 (#45)
Teresa 26:24
Rachel 26:39 (#55)
Kim 26:51 (#35)
Cain 40:41

K said...

47:51( treadmill, hang clean jerk - 15@ 95)

Cain said...

Sports science trivia:
The "Litvinov conversion" was used by the great hammer thrower Sergey Litvinov to develop power. The technique generally consists of a whole-body power movement, such as a snatch or power clean, immediately "chased" by a brief period of intense aerobic activity, usually a sprint (with or without weight). The athlete then is rewarded with a short rest interval of 2-3 minutes. The sequence is then repeated a given number of times.

Teresa said...

What is everyone bringing tomorrow?

Teresa said...

Also, mine was 100# C&J

Cain said...

Hey Kassim, the CF journal has some instructional videos of the behind-the-neck jerk.

Dan Hook said...

I'm strongly considering making that chili recipe that was posted here a few days ago.

K said...

thanks Cain, I'll check out the journal. I'll see if I can snag a drill set for tomorrow..

Evan said...

Hi Dan!

Mandi and I have a variation of that Chill already made for tomorrow.

Not that you can't make it - In fact, I would personally love to see many different Chilli recipes represented. Who knows, it could lead to an annual CFDiesel Chilli Cook Off! :-)

Dan Hook said...

In that case, I've got a completely different chili recipe to bring.

Dan Hook said...

It just occurred to me that you may want to bring your own safety glasses.

RachelRose said...

Building boxes yesterday was fun :) It's funny that I'm so excited to have all of these boxes for us when only about 4 or so months ago I was really scared to jump on the 20" tire... thanks to Jason I realized I looked like a little sissy girl and finally just jumped... whoo hoo!
Evan your idea to have a CFDiesel Chilli Cook-Off would be really fun! Maybe for box painting?

Evan said...

Chill cook-off and box painting - I'm sold