Wednesday 9/12/12



4 rounds for time:
21 Kettlebell Swing (#53/#35)
21 Box Jump
400 Meter Run

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Diesel Ladies
We need 4 ladies for Two Hybrid Teams at the 5Ton 5K.  2 gals for the Scaled Division and 2 others for the Rx'd Division.
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Teamwork at the Tough Mudder!


Mandi said...


B Bush 14:06
W Bigelow 14:44
A McDonnel 17:57
S Bateson 19:58
B Lessler 19:15 mod
Andrew 20:08 mod
T Henry 20:57
K Nolan 21:10 mod
G Yakaitis 22:40 mod
D London 24:07

Mandi said...

Yes….we have a new website to go along with our awesome new space.

Both and will be running simultaneously for the next week or so. Please let us know what you think as we continue to tweak it.