Wednesday 8/29/12


5 Rounds for time

6 Power Snatch (135/ 95#)
12 Air Squat & Box Jump (24/ 20")

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Labor Day, Monday, September, 3rd!
-We will be running a WOD in waves starting at 10am. Everyone is invited!
-We will be grilling hamburgers and hotdogs starting at 12pm. Please bring your favorite paleo side dish to share.
-All evening classes will be canceled.


Brian Cohee said...

FYI, we will be out of town this weekend and therefore there will not be an endurance WOD on Sunday. Hope everyone has a great Labor day weekend!

Mandi said...


A Shishineh 12:23
W Bigelow 12:03 mod
T Henry 12:36 mod
G Yakaitis 15:55 mod
B Lessler 17:34 mod
A Undieh 7+3
S Bateson 5+21

Jason said...

Couldn't drop the weight in the gym today so I scaled to 95# in order to hang onto the bar.


The question now much respect for myself as a man will I lose when the Diesel women destroy my time.

Brian Cohee said...

B Cohee 13:30

Forgot to post on the board before I left

Prior Isabell PR was ~12:20, for reference.

Evan said...

5:00 PM

T.Tom 10:03
K.Bunn 12:01
M.Sullivan 14:16
K.Bernt 11:06 (mod)
A.Ne 13:49 (mod)
V.Kurian 14:20 (mod)
L.Cohee 11:38 (mod)
J.Lorman 10:56 (mod)

Evan said...


S.Stephens 10:13
T.Luz 7:27 (mod)
C.Twaddle 8:28 (mod)
A.Fountain 9:53 (mod)
Y.Schreiber 9:56 (mod)
J.Gobber 10:16 (mod)
M.Treas 10:29 (mod)
M.Gross 10:41 (mod)
I.Bruce 10:54 (mod)
J.Greco 11:00 (mod)
J.Shrader 12:34 (mod)
K.Faro 13:00 (mod)
S.Anderson 13:08 (mod)
S.Fountain 13:36 (mod)
R.Lieberman 13:58 (mod)
I.Gill 14:29 (mod)
R.Morano 14:33 (mod)
H.Dean 14:?? (mod)

Mike T said...

7 pm
H. Vahorich 6+8
L. Sanciangco 6
L. Elder 6
N. Pham 5+6
HP Schwebler 5+5 (Squat Box Jumps)
M. Tsai 5
E. Collins 5

T said...


Here's a solid article on the snatch, 1rm vs high rep, squat vs muscle, muscle into power, some really good food for thought.

A few hours late... but good reading for next time!