Tuesday 4/10/12



Squat Cleans (#135/#95)
Ring Dips

Compare to: 6/13/11

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T said...

I'm fairly certain every one of those ladies could beat me up...

Teresa said...

A Shishineh 8:36 PR! GR! for now :)
S Hettinger 16:25
B Lessler 21:08 (105#)
G Yakaitis 20:56 (95#, green)
D Weyrauch 22:12 (65#, blue)

K said...

Definitely not the first time you've said that, T.... reminds me of that Bieber concert we went to.

[worth it]

Mandi said...


T Luz 7:45 mod
A fountain 8:14
R Lieberman 9:52 mod
Jess ftmeade 10:15
S Rana 10:16 mod
M Gross 12:02 PR
K Palmisano 14:07 mod
K Faro 14:21 mod
D Hook 14:48 PR
M Sullivan 16:37
A Middleton 17:17 mod

Teresa said...

T Tom 6:31 PR! GR!
M Stephen 13:53
C Dodge 11:48 (MOD)
S Stephens 12:24 (power cleans)
L Roque 13:05 (65#, red)
K Berndt 13:55 (75#, purple)
J Southworth 15:25 (red)
S Fountain 17:30 (purple)

T said...


H.Y. Tom 12:06
J. Shrader 17:56
Y. Schreiber 19:54

S. Moore 9:02 (MOD GHD)
S. Brown 11:12 (45#, green)
D. London 12:13 (115#, some purple)PR!!!!!
Y. Gorodisky 12:16 (115#)
M. Treas 12:20 (95#, red)
S. Wilkes 12:58 (60#, red)
L. Brown 13:20 (65#, blue)
A. Rigney 13:41 (75#, red)

Yvette said...

Next time I do a ring dip I'm wearing arm sleeves

Teresa said...

Never a bad idea, but on a good note, that means you were keeping everything nice and close to your body, which is awesome. :)

Great job today. You killed it girl!

jshish8 said...

Yvette, awesome job! I got some arm sleeves from the Nike outlet store at Arundle mills mall for cheap. They are actually basketball sleeves, but also work for CF.