Thursday 3/1/12

Games WOD 12.2


30 Snatch (#75/#45)
30 Snatch (#135/#75)
30 Snatch (#165/#100)
Max Rep Snatch (#210/#120)

Post repetition to comments


RachelRose said...

What's the story with that CrossFit dog? You know, the little guy that is in the banner of the CF Journal with the athletes... and shows up as clip-art next to ''.

Good luck to everyone doing 12.2 today!

Jason said...

I'm not exactly sure Rachel, but I do seem to remember a post on main site years ago when that dog died. I'm thinking it was Glassman's dog. I know that there was a video that followed him around to document "a day in his life" maybe a year ago. In that video he had a younger dog that was the same breed.

Someone else probably know more.

Evan said...

7:00 am

H Dean 53
B Lessler 60 (45-75#)
B Buch 47
AJ Shishineh 49

Josh said...

Gotta love Kelly's comment on MWOD this morning - "None of these weights are hard until you get to 210" HA! Shooting for 31 today

Jason said...

This is the post I remembered, Rachel, but it is not the dog that is used as the icon.

This post from the discussion board gives some info about the dog icon.

RachelRose said...

Cool Jason, Thanks!!

Max W said...


J Southworth 40 (MOD)
J Hibbard 56
M Willoughby 66
J Shrader 40
S Fountain 60
C Dodge 60 (MOD)
A Stein 56 (MOD)
S Hulin 60
T Tom 68!
J Schreiber 56
Y Schreiber 60
S Stephens 64
K Berndt 51
J Harrington 42

Evan said...

Rookies 1/3/5 Press/ P.P./ P.J.
G Yakatis 83/103/113
R Rivera 125/125/115
S Wilkes 50/62.5/57.5
K Baeanowski 52.5/65/57.5
K Keating 52.5 /60/67.5
D Wayrauch 83/93/55
B Garman 120/120/115

Evan said...


M Sullivan 50
D Hook 32
A Fountain 40
S Mathews 45 (75#/95#)
K Faro 39
T Luz 78
M Stephen 52

Mike Stephen said...
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Brian Cohee said...

Not With Class


B Cohee: 58

Completed my first Rx'd Isabell!

Evan said...

Yeah1 I know someone would do a rx'd Isabel! Congratulations!

Steve H said...

Same here, 1st complete Isabell!!! Granted it was something like 7:30 but I'll take it.

Evan said...

hey, slow or not, those still go on the record board!