Tuesday 1/3/12


3 Rounds for Max Reps

1 min. Push Press (Choose Start Weight)
1 min. Front Squat (+35's/ +25's)
1 min. Deadlift (+45's/ +35's)

Rest amply between rounds

(Post loads and total reps, per round, to comments)


Mandi said...

7am Rookies
5 sets of
5rep Back Squat/max rep Push-up
increasing load each set

weight/total push-ups
Hilary #95-#145/26
Bruce #95-#135/60

whitney said...

hey all!! I wanted to let everyone know that we are hosting a "going away party" for myself and Ricky this weekened at Union Jacks. Its Saturday from 7 - 10 pm. Well have some little appitizers, a cake, and a cash bar. We would love for you guys to come seeing as how I only have a week left with you guys :( .. let me know if you have any questions or give me a call/text 248 860 7012

hope to see you guys there!!

jshish8 said...

Is this FGB style or do we get time to add plates?
Rack for PP/FS?

Evan said...

AJ - FGB Style

Whitney - Sounds like a great party! We'll miss ya' girl.

Evan said...


S. Stephens [75,125,195] 41/38/40
W. Hall [65,15,165] 30/32/31

Evan said...

T. Tom [105.175.265]-55/58/35

M. Willoughby [95.165.255]-55/59/53
A. Shishineh [95.165.255]-50/55/46
M. Sullivan [95.165.255]-53/48/32
S. Hulin [95.165.255]-46/46/41
C. Renner [95.165.255]-43/50/37
B. Smith [95.165.255]-37/37/35

K. Lokkins [75.145.235]-53/56/58
J. Gober [75.145.235]-52/53/57
D. Hook [75.145.235]-46/46/41
J. Dorsey [75.145.235]-41/41/39
K. Palmisano [75.145.235]-37/41/40
K. Faro [75.145.235]-31/32/28

T. Luz [65.115.185]-78/78/67
A. Middleton [35/65/115]-43/50/49

Evan said...

T. Braglio [95.165.255]-35/34/30
C. Twaddle [95.165.255]-31/31/18

A. Fountain [95.145.235]-39/37/32
F. Walterhoefer [95.145.235]-34/34/33
J. Hibbard [75.145.235]-57/46/43
J. Schrader [75.145.235]-47/45/38
V. Kurian [75.145.235]-47/41/36
M. Treas [45.125.215]-64/60/57

Y. Schriber [65.115.185]-38/48/45
S. Fountain [50.100.170]-43/48/50
R. Morano [45.95.165]-48/43/50
J. Boitano [35.85.155]-41/43/45
K. Berndt [35.85.155]-44/48/52
C. Dodge [65.75.100]-25/28/27

T said...
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T said...
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