Friday 9/2/11

Note: This mornings class will take place at 7am, not 10am!

"G.I. Jane"

For Time:

100 Burpee Pull-Ups

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Schedule changes:
Saturday (9/3/11):
This Saturday's 9am will be canceled in place of the "31 Heroes WOD" at 11am.
Monday (9/5/11):
Crossfit Diesel will be closed for Labor Day. Please enjoy the day off with friends and family.


Dan Hook said...

I heard about this WOD for the first time about a year ago and I've wanted to give it a shot ever since.

Teresa said...

Rachel M. (Army of One)
100 Burpees to high bar: 10:19

T said...

Go Rachel!! If I can find a pull up bar (and decide to not be lazy) maybe I'll rock this one out over the weekend...

Mandi said...

Greg 11:10
John K 12:43
Steve H 14:27
Dan 17:50
Josh 19:21
Kim 19:44
Matt 23:54
Sean L 24:05
Sujata 17:14 (jumping PU-red box)
Chrissy ?? (jumping PU-red box)

Susan 11:23
Jason S 12:26
Sarah 18:49
Jason H. 21:04
Yvette 23:34 (Strict Burpees)
Rachel M. 77reps in 25min.
Hilary 26:07 (jumping PU-red box)

Steve H said...

T - You are a genius and a god among men. Not lacing that first loop made a world of difference on the NB Minimus shoes.

Steve H said...

Dan - I'm in too for tomorrow AM.

Dan Hook said...

That WOD was everything I hoped it would be - except for not beating Steve. Gotta work on that part.

jshish8 said...

on 110905
AJ - 9:36 to an 8ft bar

Push-ups were chest to deck and chin over bar standards.