Tuesday 8/16/11




3 Snatch Complex* (95/65)
15 Double-Unders

*Complex = Squat Snatch > Hanging Power Snatch > Snatch Balance

(Post rounds to comments)


jshish8 said...

whats the rookie WOD for tomorrow?

RachelRose said...

A.J. I don't think the rookie WODs will ever be posted. They're sort of not supposed to be, and sort of shouldn't be. But that's just my two-cents. Just come, it will be fun!

T said...

Awesome propa... err article on the main site tonight.


Teresa said...

7am Rookies:
T ??? (super fast)
Kim 6:41 As Rx'd
Rachel M. 7:11 (J.PU)
Hilary 8:03 (12", Knee, J.PU)
Bob S. 8:07 (20", J.PU)
Sean 8:51 (20", J.PU)
Dorian 10:59 (push-up ROM, J.PU)
Eric 11:26 (12", J.PU)

Evan said...

Ian 9*
Teresa 8+6*
Tyler 6+2*
Matt 4*
-20# or more
AJ 6+5 (75#)
Mandi 4+3 (35#, Pistols)
Tasha 4 (25#, 5xDu+10xSu)
Jamison 5 (85#)
Yvette 5 (55#)
Jeff M 5+1 (75#)
-30# or more
Rachel M 7+20 (35#)
Shannon 6 (35# ROM)
Amy Ri. 5+3 (35#, SU)
Mike T 4+8 (45#, 30xSU)
Jesse S. 4+6 (65#)

Sarah = Perfect Virtuosity (55#)
Evan 5+6*
Mark G 3+9 (53#)

*Load as Rx'd - HOMEWORK: Post a self critique. What do you need to fix to perfect your Snatch?

Evan said...


On Those 5 Little Letters: "As Rx'd".

Q 1) Is it the athlete who should declare the quality of their performance, or should an outside eye be required to quantifiy the effort?

Q 2) Is there too much pressure in CrossFit?

Post thoughts to comments.

jshish8 said...

Self critique: catch the barbell in a perfect OHS position.
A1) Either is OK as long as the athlete understands the movement and of course virtuosity!
A2) I don't think there is too much pressure. Like in sports, perfecting movements with high intensity is the driving force for success...I think that some people need the pressure to drive them to put forth a good effort.

jshish8 said...

I see as Rx'd more as a goal than a pressure. It is like setting goals for any movement, exercise, run, row, etc. It is always good to have goals with a plan on how to get there!

Sarah said...

So there was a little bit of confusion on my end of how to count reps... if I failed at any point in the 3 moves of the snatch complex, i started the whole complex over. (snatch balance is very awkward for me) Eventually I was able to make it thru 3 extremely virtuous snatch complexes and the DUs for a grand total of one round.

Teresa said...

I'll second AJ's comments on the goal to achieve perfect virtuosity. For me, as technical as the snatch is, I don't think I would ever claim to perform that movement with perfect virtuosity. There's just so much that can go wrong from ground to overhead. However, I continue to challenge myself to perform the movement as technically proficient as I am able. For the record, the journey is half the fun.

As far as the self-critique, tonight I wouldn't claim anything higher than 70% virtuosity. Room for improvement on all of the following: linear bar path, explosive speed through the middle, foot placement, and lumbar curve. For me, the snatch is about a lot more than just getting the bar from the ground to overhead. Lots of work to do.

Teresa said...

Rookie WOD this AM was:
50 Box Jumps
40 Squats
30 Sit-Ups
20 Push-Ups
10 Pull-Ups

Sorry I didn't post this with the times earlier.

Dan Hook said...

4 + 5 (70#)

Sufficient depth in the squat. For some, I was riding the bar down instead of actually catching it in a full squat. Sometimes I caught it in too low of a squat, which is fine for 70 lbs, but would be bad for a 1 rep max. Also, I was rocking onto my toes.

E...N... said...

Regarding Q1 I believe it is a combination of both the athlete and an observer, yet it also depends on the situation. Only the athlete will know if they cheat themselves in certain movements or while counting but an observer can note more technical aspects like opening the hips fully, full extension...rom. So, if the athlete misses a rep or knows they did something wrong they shouldn't count it, and the observer should, if necessary, give occasional cues to help the athlete(s) maintain/strive for virtuosity, but not get stuck watching every rep...I think I may record some of my wod's so I can have both perspectives.

Q2) Simply put no. You guys do a great job at keeping the pressure down, allowing athletes to grow and noting proper scaling/substitutions.

I know I need to practice catching the bar in a lower squat. It's not a big deal with light weight but as I work near my max I have a mental block/fear of dropping under the bar. I think I could also benefit from holding the top position for a moment longer to ensure full hip extension.
...there are some many goats in my field of exercises.

Matt said...

I need to catch the squat snatch in squat rather than ride it down more consistently. Also, when I do catch it right, I should pause until I control the bar before I stand up. A lot of problems come about from moving fast in hopes of overcoming lack of control.