Friday 7/22/11


King Kong

3 rounds for time

1 Deadlift (455/ 295#)
2 Muscle-ups
3 Squat Clean (250/ 155#)
4 Handstand Pushups

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RachelRose said...

Who are those random people? Are those her prints or his? Are there extra fingers in those prints?... um, this WOD is just crazy.

Teresa said...

How close to a 1RM should these weights be? Given that both are beyond my 1RMs, just trying to figure out how to scale without losing the intensity level for which it was designed. Any input?

JShish said...

I was thinking DL should be 95% of 1RM. Maybe 80% on squat clean.

Yvette said...

Umm my initial thought is if these are beyond Teresa's 1RM then what the h** am I supposed to do? :) Haha well once again I'm interested to see how it all turns out. See y'all tomorrow.

Yvette said...

That was supposed to be h***

Jason said...

IMO, those that I have seen crush this on video are operating at about 2/3 their max when using rx weight.

JShish said...

Jason, what would you say crushing is? Rich Froning max DL is 510 and he finished in 2:36...

RachelRose said...

I will be honest, I was thinking about trying to go for a PR on the third or fourth deadlift (by just throwing on an extra 20 pounds on that round). So, I was going to go for about 92.5% of current 1RM for 3 of the rounds, and 102.5% (roughly) for one of the rounds. I think this is not the point, but whenever there is 1 rep of something I am forever challenged to go for a PR.

deb said...

Hey Everyone,

I'm still alive and still preggo. The heat is just way too taxing for me right now... even the CF Mom website advises working out in the A/C.

My hat's off to all of you still CF-ing! Hope to re-join you soon!!

Teresa said...

Kim 10:08 (125# DL, 30 pull-ups, 65# Sq. Clean, 36 push-ups)
Chris 10:16 (355# DL, 3 MUs/3 JMUs, 145# Power Clean/Front Squat)

Great work this morning guys.

Kristen Colyer said...

That's mee!! :) Greg White and I competed in the 5k 5 ton competition!! They are my handprints, I chalk then I wipe my hands - bad habit! But I would LOVE a pair of shorts with handprints printed on them like that!! Hope to come back and do the 5k 5 ton competition this year!!!! -Kristen Colyer

Jason said...

I haven't seen Froning do it but others w dl in 6's and clean in the 4's. Thus I say they were about 2/3. Certainly it's possible to do well at higher percentages and I have not recorded all the data for everyone who has ever performed King Kong. It becomes a whole other stimulus if performed near max.

skeeler said...

This is an odd one. You've couple two lifts that are completely impossible with two movements that are trivial for me. Can I just do something like 10 muscle-ups and 20 HSPUs each round instead?

Dan Hook said...

How about hot yoga instead? The weather conditions seem just about perfect.

RachelRose said...

Yeah hot yoga whoo hoo!

Mandi said...

AJ 4:56 (300dl, 135cl)
Michael G 6:54 (275dl, 155cl, strict MU, parallette depth HSPU)
Teresa 7:00 (235dl, 125cl, strict MU, #45+#10 HSPU)-#260dlPR
Keith 9:15 (315dl, 135cl, 3xPU & Ring, abmat)
Matt 10:38 (345dl, 185pwcl-frontSqt., JMU’s)

Whitney 10:04 (190dl, 105cl, JMU’s, abmat-none)
Jason G 10:22 (405dl, 185cl)
Donte 10:22 (405dl, 135cl, PU’s & Ring, wall facing HSPU)
Yvette 11:56 (180dl, 55cl, PU’s & Ring: purple)
Rachel M 18:40 (185-205dl PR, 85-95cl, PU’s & Ring: purple-lt. green-beige, abmat-plate)

RachelRose said...

Just wanna leave one more little number here... DL 210 PR (right after the WOD). Thank you for your help Donte!