Tuesday 4/19/11



3 RFT:

Run 100 meters
50 Push-ups
Run 100 meters
50 Sit-ups
Run 100 meters
50 Squats
Run 100 meters
50 Back extensions

Post time to comments.

Mandi's 2 block zone/paleo breakfast.


T said...

What sort of new nonsense is RTF?!?? Return to the future?!??

RachelRose said...

This WOD sounds awesome, even with it being 3 rounds. Thank heavens there are no pull-ups, and Mandi I'm coming over for breakfast!

Evan said...

RFT = Really Tough, Friends ...

Evan said...

Vinu 30:13 (35 reps)
Kim 33:51 (Pu-Knee, GoodMornings)
Ken 37:13

Sujata said...

Hey Mandi, is that 4 or 5 cashews? Every one counts, right?!

Jamison Peter Hibbard said...

This is why i like zone. If you just stick with the basics, its easy to put together a complete meal. Once you get the hang of it, little thought is required.

Jamison Peter Hibbard said...

*motivation still required.

David said...


Matt said...

What's the single best exercise?


Different expert's suggestions
1. The Burpee
2. Walking
3. The squat
4. Weight Training in general
5. High-intensity interval training

All of which Diesel does. Although walking is never prescribed I think it is recognized that most athletes will walk in one wod or another once exhaustion kicks in. :)

Evan said...

My general take on Walking as "exercise"

In unique circumstances, such as:

1. When waking up from a coma/ major injury in which one needs to re-lean to walk.
2. The Morbidly Obese/ The Generally Decrepit

Walking is FANTASTIC Exercise!

For people who have accomplished the basic function of walking, it moves from "exercise" to "leisure and recreation". Still "good for you", but don't lie to yourself and think that you'll get "fit" from walking.

Walking = Exercise
Something = Seriously Wrong

(To make it clear - Matt, I think you are spot on in your assessment of walking as great/ often necessary active recovery)

Cain said...

We could say walking is a maintenance tool...

Cain said...

if you fit one of those conditions that Evan put forth then walking is definitely a maintenance tool...

Jason said...

Chewing a delicious burrito is also a fabulous exercise.

Michael said...

Mike S 31:58 Rx (forgot to write my time on the board)

Mandi said...

I think it was 6 cashews Sujata.

T said...

Kim 33:51 (pu/kpu/gm)
Vinu 20:13 (35# gm)
Ken 37:13

Whitney 26:20 (kpu/gm)
Bobby 27:04
Crystal 26:29 (kpu/gm - 25rep)
Matt 28:45 (gm - 35rep)
Phil 27:45 (50-25-25 reps)
Sheila 31:03 (kpu/gm - 30 reps)
Mike S. 31:??
Luke ??:??

Mike G 26:17 (kipPU)
T 30:01
Hoi Yee 29:56 (kippu, gm, row)
Shannon 30:03 (kpu, SqtROM, gm)
Sujata 30:20 (.5kpu/.5GS, gm)
Mike T 30:37 (strict, gm, 35 reps)
Kassim 32:09
Jesse S. 30:54 (35reps)
Jamison 34:21 (strict)
Irene 35:01 (1rd - 35 reps:kippu row, 2-4rd 25 reps: kippu, row)
Donte 28:14 (50-25-25 reps)

Evan 21:36 ( 35 reps, kipPu)
Jesse W 28:20
Chris 33:43 (gm, 40 pu)
Mark G 35:28 (row)

Great job guys!

Bobby said...

i'm kinda bummed. i was *this* close to earning my first pukie the clown shirt after today's WOD. almost had to pull over on the side of 95 as i was heading home, but i kept it together. great WOD!

Joseph said...


Take a look at this approach to walking.


and search for "Forced road march"

It makes for an interesting couple of hours.

Evan said...

Proving my point that walking is simply function and not exercise.

In order to turn it into an exercise, one has to pile on load, their by changing the equation. Push a car up hill, carry 1x BW on a barbell for a mile, sandbags up steep elevation ... The list is endless.