Monday 9/10/12



1000 M Row
50 Thrusters (45/ 33#)
30 pull-ups

Compare to: 2/24/12

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Evan said...

Mandi's First Iron Girl:


Finished in the Top 3rd!!!


Dan Hook said...

Great job Mandi!

A WOD with pull ups! I hope I can move tomorrow.

Shannon said...

Dan, don't forget to wear your headband!!

Way to go, Mandi!!!

Brian Cohee said...

Congrats Mandi, way to represent!

Yvette said...

That's AWESOME Mandi! It must have been the bike... nah it was the person operating the bike :)

T said...


RachelRose said...

Right on Mandi!!!

jshish8 said...

Nice job Mandi!

Teresa said...

Awesome job Mandi!

Jay said...

Way to go, Mandi!!

Teresa said...

A Shishineh 6:08 PR/GR!
B Bush 7:16
D London 10:21 PR!
J Small 11:13
B Lessler 11:36
G Yakaitis 10:12 (mod)
K Kuadey 11:42 (mod)

Mandi said...

Awww Thanks everyone! It was awesome. The run, which felt the worst but ended up being what pushed me ahead. I run a little, but primarily in CF WOD's! The Swim and Bike were awesome and I definitly practiced those this summer.

Yvette, thanks agian for your helped a ton!

I posted some photo's on Facebook

Additionally, I will be doing one again next year. Probaly the Iron Girl Columbia or Celebrating Heroes one. Please join me
These event are very well run and most of them offer relay options.

If you are a new swimmer Coach Brian has some great instruction.

Mandi said...

Way to go Tough Mudderers!!!

Wow.....Shannon, you are hilarious or Diesel.....or both. 5ton5k practice after the TMudder.

Hoi_Yee said...

Great job, Mandi!! Sub-2!! That's awesome!!

Sujata said...

Way to go Mandi!
Invisible Fran
Air squats
Push ups


Evan said...


Diesel Gents

St.Hulin 7:34 PR!!
A.Fountain 7:34 PR!!
J.Staman 8:03 PR!!
D.Hook 8:26 PR!!
E.Davidson 8:27
K.Elliot 9:44
K.Palmisano 9:51
K.Faro 10:01
J.Thrift 10:43
J.Lorman 10:47
S.Boyce 11:25
N.Schiffrik 11:30
S.Wilner 12:54

Diesel Chicks

S.Fountain 9:47 PR!!
M.Houk 10:39 PR!!
R.Foutz 9:30 (mod)
R.Morano 12:31 (mod)

Mandi said...


T.Tom 6:44 PR!!
H.Y.Tom 7:23 PR/ GR!!!
S.Stephens 7:57 PR!!
S.Pickett 8:35
I.Bruce 9:10
K.Ahn 9:47
R.Lieberman 14:39
A.Ne 14:54
J.Gipson 14:31 (mod)

T said...

7PM Rookies!

J. Warfield 7:08
E. Collins 8:55
L. Sanciangco 8:42
S. Sokol 8:15
HP Schwebler 9:11
L. Elder 7:08
E. Doll 6:15
C. Capel 9:35
T. Pham 8:15
N. Pham 7:34
M. Ruiz 6:57
A. Krueger 6:33
H. Vahovich 8:20

T said...

Rookie WOD
800m run
40 thruster (bar)
20 pull up (jumping)

T said...

Nice work this morning AJ! Way to crush it!

jshish8 said...

Same to you, T. I'd be interested to compare our row times (mine was ~3:41).